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Corporate enterprise Training Activity Resource Systems (CeTARS) Overview


CeTARS is a user-friendly system that allows authorized users to input and retrieve Course, Student, resource, personnel, Publication, testing, and statistical data to / from an ORACLE relational database consisting of a series of tables. The system has been designed so that these tables are joined during data queries and updates to allow information retrieval from more than one table.


CeTARS Forms are now in the process of being converted to a Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE), the industry standard for developing portable, robust, scalable and secure server-side Java applications. Building on the solid foundation of the Java Platform Standard Edition (Java SE), Java EE provides web services, component model, management, and communications APIs that make it the industry standard for implementing enterprise-class Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and next-generation web applications.  


CeTARS Support


CeTARS Phone support:


Help Desk: 1(800) 537-4617 (Select Option 8 for NETC applications).


CeTARS Email support:


Having problems with a CeTARS application?  Spawar.itchelpdesk@navy.mil

Request new feature: cetars_funct_pgm_mgr.fct@navy.mil


Request password resets and account unlocks:  Launch the How to Request a Password Reset in CeTARS if a User's Account is Locked Standard Operating Procedure and follow the steps within the document.


CeTARS Training support:




Accessibility support:






Help screens are designed to assist the user in entering correct data or in performing other specific functions. CeTARS Help on the web works identically to any Windows Help.


CeTARS Help can be accessed from the CeTARS Access page or from any screen and report inside CeTARS WEB.


Information links have been provided throughout CeTARS Help and are indicated by a when pointing the mouse over the link.  Single click on these links to open and close.  


Clicking on the Back button on the menu bar of your browser will retrace the links the user has made and returns the user to the previous topic.


To hide the Navigation Component of CeTARS Help, single click , the Hide Navigation Component button.  To retrieve the Navigation Component, simply place the cursor on the outer left edge of CeTARS Help and drag until the Navigation Component is viewable.  Hiding the Navigation Component is useful when viewing a Show Me.


All users should become very familiar with these functions. They will greatly assist you in accomplishing the CeTARS functions that you are authorized to perform.





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